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Transport container, vehicle, traction group, method for loading a transport container, and method for transporting bulk material: Energy Efficient Wagon Construction

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Technical University of Berlin

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Alsdorf Guenther [De]; Hecht Markus [De]; Jakatt Harald [De]; Maengel Christian [De]; Nayeri Christian [De]; Wullstein Uwe [De]; Shoeib Ramy [De]

About the technology

A transport container, in particular as a component part of a rail vehicle, having a transportation space for receiving goods to be transported, which on its upper side includes at least one opening, wherein the transport container includes a grate which at least in part covers the opening.


This new type of freight car can be used in freight transport, transport, the railway industry or logistics and is more energy-efficient than conventional models due to its aerodynamically advantageous design, for example.


- Lighter wagon construction; higher vehicle load capacity

- Improved aerodynamic behavior in non- or only partially loaded state

- Lighter wagon construction reduces energy need for traction significantly

Application Fields

Goods traffic, Transportation, Railroad Industry, Logistics

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