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Dynamic Re-usable RAMAN Scattering Sensor

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Leiden University

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Measuring; Testing




Hankemeier Thomas [Nl]; Janssen Kjeld Gertrudus Hendrikus [Nl]

About the technology

The invention relates to a Raman spectrometer, comprising a light source (12), sensor element (14 ) and a detector (10), wherein the sensor element (14) comprises an active surface (24), which active surface (24) is coated with a layer (26) of inert material to be placed in contact with the sample (4). The invention also relates to a sensor element (14), comprising an active surface (24) which is coated with a layer (26) of inert material, and a method for obtaining a Raman spectrum using such a sensor element (14), comprising the following steps: a) providing a sensor element (14), comprising an active surface (24) which is coated with a layer (26) of inert material and placing the layer (26) of inert material in contact with a sample to be analysed; b) illuminating the sensor element (14) with monochromatic light; c) detecting surface enhanced Raman scattering by the sensor element (14


Scientists at Leiden University have developed SERS-based sensors that can make dynamic measurements of their environment over time. Sensors like these would be ideal suited for application in, for instance, industrial process monitoring. They can continuously monitor flows of substances (in aqueous solution) for contaminations or formed substances and upon identifying such substances, measure their concentration over time.

Furthermore, this new technology makes the SERS substrates re-usable, which allows for calibration or experimental setups and greatly reduces the number of substrates required per experiment. This makes the new SERSOR very suitable for applications where many different molecules need to be analyzed.


- Compatible with standard RAMAN spectrometer

- Higher sensitivity or SERS measurements

- Continuous dynamic measurements

- Sensitive to broad range of analytes

- No chemical interaction between sensor and analyte

- Small, integratable in microfluidic devices

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